Dave the Diver

Shark Teeth Dave the Diver, Explained

In Dave the Diver, there are a lot of jobs that will take up your time. There are tons of activities to do in the game, such as caring for your vegetable farm, diving for rare fish, and serving clients at Bancho Sushi. Once you locate the Sea People Village, further games and objectives will become available.

You will be able to use the Game Parlor in the Sea People Village as you work to gain the trust of the locals. The game master, Junak, is also located here. He provides minigames including a shell game and card matching, as well as one with a shark jaw that is loosely wedged open.

The Shark Teeth Minigame Rules

The shark’s jaw opens up in the Shark Teeth minigame, revealing a trick tooth known as the Shark Cavity for a brief period of time.

One, two, or three teeth can be pressed at a time when you and Junak alternately press down on the teeth along the jaw. The first player to apply pressure to the Shark Cavity will lose the game when the shark’s jaws clamp down on their hand.

Ten, fifty, or one hundred Bei—the Sea People’s currency—can be wagered. You have a daily restriction on how many times you can play this game before your fingers or Junak’s become too painful to handle.

How To Win The Shark Teeth Minigame

In order to win the game and the piece of Bei that Junak gambled, you must force Junak to push the trick tooth first in this minigame. Rather than just hoping for the best, you may manipulate the system a little to increase your chances of winning.

Prior to reaching the Shark Cavity, you should try to push down the fifth tooth. If so, you can select the number of teeth you’ll need to win, regardless of how many Junak decides to press on.

If Junak chooses to press one of the four teeth remaining before the Shark Cavity, you have the option of pressing down on three of the remaining teeth. Junak would have to press the Shark Cavity during his subsequent turn as a result. In the same way, you have the option to only push down on one tooth if Junak chooses to press on three. Whatever the situation, you will definitely win.

Once you get the hang of it, playing the Shark Teeth minigame is a great way to get Bei every time you go to the Sea People Village.