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How The Valorant Ranking System Works – Rankings construed

Valorant, Riot Games’ expedient first-person shooter, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2020. One of the vital aspects that keep players engaged and seeking enhancement is the ranking system. In Valorant, players are placed into different species grounded on their performance and skill position. Understanding how the ranking system works is pivotal for players who want to climb the graduation and achieve advanced species. In this composition, we will claw into the details of the Valorant ranking system and explain the different species.

Introduction to the Valorant Ranking System

The Valorant ranking system is divided into several categories, each representing a different skill position. The species, from smallest to loftiest, are as follows Iron, Citation, tableware, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. The first six species have three categories within them, except for Radiant, which is a single top-league rank. When players first start playing ranked matches, they will need to complete a series of placement matches to determine their original rank. subsequently, they can progress through the species by winning matches and accumulating rank standing points.

Rank Standing and Performance

Rank standing points frequently appertained to as RR points, are the primary factor that determines a player’s rank. When players win matches, they gain RR points, and when they lose, they lose RR points. The number of points gained or lost depends on the relative skill situations of the two brigades and the individual performance of the players. Performing exceptionally well in a match can affect advanced RR point earnings while underperforming may lead to larger point deductions.

Rank Categories and Promotion

Within each rank, players progress through three categories Tier 1, league 2, and Tier 3, with League 1 being the smallest and League 3 the loftiest. To advance to the coming league, players need to accumulate enough RR points. Once they reach the needed number of points, they will be promoted to the coming league. Still, players must also win a certain number of matches successively to be eligible for creation. This ensures that players are constantly performing well and not just counting on occasional palms to climb the species.

Immortal and Radiant Ranks

Once players reach the Diamond rank, they enter the top stratum of Valorant ranks Immortal and Radiant. These species don’t have categories and are reserved for the most professed and devoted players. Within the Immortal rank, there are three services Immortal I, Immortal II, and Immortal III. Players in these species are matched against opponents of analogous skill situations, and winning matches becomes indeed more pivotal for rank progression.

Act Ranks and Competitive Seasons

In addition to the regular species, Valorant has a seasonal ranking system known as Act Ranks. Competitive seasons in Valorant generally last for around two months, and at the end of each season, players admit prices grounded on their Act Rank. The Act Rank represents a player’s loftiest achieved rank throughout the season, and it’s displayed on their player card. This system encourages players to constantly perform well and strive for enhancement in each competitive season.


The Valorant ranking system provides players with a clear progression path and a sense of accomplishment as they climb the species. By winning matches and accumulating rank standing points, players can advance through the categories and reach advanced species. The system promotes fair matchmaking by considering individual performance and skill situations. Immortal and Radiant ranks serve as the zenith of achievement for the most professed players. also, the Act Rank system adds another subcaste of competitiveness and prices players for their performance within each season. So, whether you are just starting your ranked trip or aiming for Radiant, understanding how the Valorant ranking system works is pivotal for success in the game.